Laboratory freeze dryers

Our laboratory freeze dryers are modular in design. They can be combined with different accessories for different applications. A compact unit offering many possibilities with an ice condensation capacity of 2 to 15 kg in 24 hours.

Pilot installations

Pilot plants are characterized by the fact that they can be adapted with a wide variety of different options. Freeze dryers of this type have a separate ice condenser and cooling and heating shelves. All shelves can be equipped with a sealing device. These systems are therefore suitable for drying bulk products and bottles. In addition, there are various adaptation possibilities for special installation situations, for example in laboratories or pharmaceutical premises. Depending on the size, it is possible to achieve up to max. Depending on the size, it is possible to achieve up to 2.70 m².

Production freeze dryers

The production of pharmaceutical products is subject to the strictest quality and safety standards. Additionally, quantities of product are sometimes required that can quickly exceed the capacity of a pilot plant. Plants that exceed the size of pilot plants and pilot plants are always designed individually with you and tailored to your needs in terms of drying quantity, safety standards, quality requirements and site requirements. facility. Production facilities in the two-chamber system can be carried out up to a floor space of 60 m²..

Freeze dryer for bulk products and food products

In the production of various types of food (for humans and animals), the issue of "preservation" always plays a major role. Thermal processes that expose the product to a high temperature to dry it have the disadvantage of compromising quality. Freeze-drying allows the product to be dried as delicately as possible. You get dried products that meet the highest quality requirements. This type of installation is specially designed and adapted to your needs in the food sector. Currently we can produce plants up to 1,200kg/24h

Archeology and file rescue

In archeology or to save important documents that have suffered water damage, for example, freeze-drying can be an effective means of drying/saving. Documents/books/files can be saved from imminent destruction. Archaeological pieces can be made of a wide variety of materials and sizes, meaning drying in this area can take several months. This is why these units are equipped with two independent ice condensers to allow continuous drying