Pure steam generator

Our compact electric steam generators from the Steamboy series are available in different sizes from 9 to 78 kW. As standard, the units have a maximum operating temperature of 155°C, at an operating pressure of 5.5 bar (abs). Optionally it is possible to increase the pressure up to 8 bar or partially up to max. 20 bars is also possible.

High pressure autoclaves

For research, testing and production

Our high-pressure autoclaves (HDA for short) are mainly used in research and production and are manufactured directly in our plant in Bad Grund according to your wishes and requirements.

The devices are built individually for you and can be produced with up to 20 bar (abs) operating pressure and an operating temperature of up to 250 °C .

Centrifugal dryer

Our ZT series centrifugal dryers are available in two basic versions. They can be loaded horizontally or vertically. Different pods can be suspended in the rotor suspension. It is thus possible to load different containers, sometimes on several levels.

Vacuum Dryer - VTA Series

Conditioning plants up to 6 m³ chamber volume

Packaging of polyamide plastics with steam. Water absorption positively modifies the properties of polyamide parts. The components can be assembled immediately after the packaging process. Packaging ensures high product quality. The vapor evacuation process ensures that moisture penetrates the pores of the plastic quickly and evenly. Storage costs and throughput times throughout the entire production process are reduced.

Short processing times that ensure a high degree of variability in production

Compact design / self-contained unit

Definite increase in humidity

Chamber dimensions suitable for KLT containers